School Funding

New School Funding Model Toolkit

In 2017, the Washington Legislature implemented major changes to school funding following the State Supreme Court’s “McCleary” decision. The complex changes caused a swell of confusion and misunderstanding among educators and the public alike.
School Funding

Media stories about the millions of new dollars invested in education didn’t fully divulge the real story – that at least one-third of the state’s school districts were negatively impacted under the new funding model. Further, most of the districts severely impacted were small, rural schools with already limited resources.

After months of research and armed with the facts, our team, in collaboration with communicators in Puget Sound ESD, launched a statewide public campaign to educate the masses. We produced a comprehensive communication toolkit for districts to use in their efforts to set the record straight. 

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Award Winner

The Washington School Public Relations Association presented the League of School Communicators at ESD 112, in collaboration with communicators in Puget Sound ESD, with a Best in Category Award – Perfect Score for this project for Communications Plan, PR, Marketing Campaign for more than 10,000 students.

The teams also received a Golden Achievement award from the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA).