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Our communications team is available to tackle isolated issues or manage communications for the full school year. Do you need ESD 112 communications support? The answer is YES.

Award–winning communications & creative services

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Bond & Levy Outreach

When school districts have a levy, capital levy, or bond measure coming up, they trust ESD 112 to deliver. Our team offers a full suite of services, ranging from thoughtful planning and strategy, to educational mailers, to digital information-sharing and strategic social media. We are a one-stop-shop for school election communications and PR needs, helping our clients to understand complex PDC guidelines and build movements around important education issues.

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Brand Identity

When developing a new brand identity or refreshing an old one, it’s important to engage an organization’s stakeholders, so the brand truly reflects who the organization is. Our branding work usually starts with a SWOT analysis and/or brand discovery process before moving on to logo design or tagline writing.

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Campaigns & Marketing

We can help you identify the best way to get the word out about your latest initiative and help you keep it going over the long term. And as a full-service communications team, we can also ensure that your materials are consistent and identifiable across multiple digital and print platforms for the duration of your campaign.

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Research. Planning. Audience engagement. Crisis response. Reputation management. Measurement. We could go on and on. Our team utilizes a thoughtful, collaborative, and creative approach to communications strategy and messaging. Facing a crisis? Prepping for a big announcement? Need to make a splash in the local, state, or national media? We have you covered.

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Graphic Design

Whatever your message, it has to look good to be noticed. Our graphic design services ensure that our clients’ are putting their best feet forward in all their communication efforts–whether it’s the required annual report to the community, signage and environmental graphics for a school, or a fun engagement campaign on social media.

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Social Media

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay and is a great way to engage with a large portion of your community. We offer a wide variety of services to help you navigate the social media landscape, including custom videos and graphics, management and post scheduling, and training for your staff. 

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Video Services

Whether it’s a detailed bond video, short social media video, or virtual event, we offer quality, professional and education-focused video production and editing services tailored especially for those on a budget.

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Website Design

A robust web presence is one of the most important tools in your communications toolbox. We offer website consultation services to help you determine the best way to improve your website. Need a new website? We can build you one. Need help keeping your website up-to-date. We can help you maintain your site and ensure that you are never offline.

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Our clients & partners

We work collaboratively with educational programs and school communications professionals within ESD 112 and across the state of Washington!


In the six-county ESD 112 region of Southwest Washington, our district clients choose to participate in a consortium for regional communications coordination, so they don’t have to go it alone when it comes to big issues like COVID-19, school funding, labor disputes, and emerging hot topics. Areas of focus are discussed and materials produced through collaborative communication and messaging development. In the 2021-22 school year alone, we produced over 50 documents, resources and graphics for our Consortium on hot topics in our region.


Our statewide collaborative helps school districts in ESDs 112, 189, 114, 105, and 123, reaching nearly every corner of the state. This partnership allows for ESD communications services to be provided equitably to school districts, no matter their location.


  • Southwest WA school districts in the Regional Consortium – 95%
  • ESD 112 programs & grants we serve – 100%
  • Washington ESDs we share contracted work with – 55%

Interview with Monique about crisis communication & collaboration

As the fearless leader of our award-winning group of creatives and storytellers, Monique shares how she maintains calm under pressure, what fills her cup and keeps her grounded, and what she loves the most about collaborating with school communications professionals in Washington.

Video for Social Media

Video is a powerful tool for social media. On average, video posts get 48% more views than those with text and/or photos. From informative to entertaining, video content can grab the attention of an audience while reinforcing your brand. Many content managers feel that they aren’t using video to its full potential. We offer tips and tricks for creating video across all social media platforms, along with examples.

Ensuring your election communications are PDC compliant

Communicating about an upcoming school funding initiative can be tricky for school districts to navigate, particularly if staff is not aware of the rules and regulations. In this article, we cover the basics of PDC rules and some general rules of thumb for sharing information about bonds and levies.

what our clients are saying

The COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely difficult on families, students and for school district personnel. Being able to share information, challenges and successes has created a community of communication professionals that is closer and more helpful to each other than ever. Thank you ESD 112 for all you do.

Rick Parrish

Director of Communications & Operations, Longview Public Schools

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for organizing the calls, supplying the agendas, providing resources and the wrap ups.  Especially, as a relatively new person to the education communications world,  these resources and talks have been really helpful. Once again, thanks for all that you are doing. I appreciate it.

Craig Birnbach

Communications Manager, Evergreen Public Schools

“After publishing our annual report, I was excited and blown away at all Communications helped us accomplish. Our work simply could not be done without your incredible talent, guidance and contributions. You continuously make things better and take our ideas to the next level.”

Christopher Belisle

Community Prevention Coordinator, Prevent Coalition

As a communicator in a smaller district in the region, sharing the work of creating great messages, translating documents, and anticipating questions we needed to be able to answer during the COVID-19 pandemic was a huge support. The shared resources were much better than we could have created working by ourselves, and have garnered praise from our school board, district leadership, and district families.

Les Brown

Communications & Technology Director, Washougal School District