Cascadia Tech Academy “Inspiring Greatness”

The Clark County Skills Center asked us to take them through a thoughtful brand exploration to help with an identity crisis they were having. At the end of the process, we re-branded the school to Cascadia Tech Academy to better reflect how highly regarded it is in the community. With a new name and logo and fresh marketing materials, the new Cascadia Tech Academy is now primed to inspire greatness in their students.

stakeholders interviewed during branding process

months from initial brand query to brand implementation

individual program logos and rack cards developed

total design pieces produced for implementation

Cascadia Tech Academy Brand Reference
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A year after the rebranding, Cascadia Tech Academy wanted to connect with its stakeholders and community members and generate support for a facilities expansion. We worked with Cascadia Tech to write up stories, gather data, and design this print report that was mailed out across Clark County.

Award Winner

The Washington School Public Relations Association presented the Cascadia Tech Annual Report with an Award of Excellence for Annual Report for districts under 10,000 students.