Longview Public Schools 2024 Levy Handout and Social Media Videos

At Longview Public Schools, the Educational Programs & Operations (EP&O) levy makes up about 15% of the district's budget. After seeing other districts in the state fail to pass their local levy elections post-pandemic, the Longview team decided to ask for our help with strategy and materials early on. Their thoughtful planning paid off: not only did the EP&O levy pass, but yes votes increased by over 9% from the February 2020 election!

Short Social Media Videos

Longview frequently uses short videos to share messages on social media, and they continued this practice with their replacement levy outreach. Planning for the videos started in the spring of 2023, when our team visited the district and recorded hours of video footage. We used that footage, combined with district-provided footage, for three upbeat videos about what the levy funds.

As the election drew closer, we created animated videos that broke the informational handout into digestible bites. All of the videos were created in both horizontal and vertical formats in both English and Spanish.

Handout with Infographics

The vast majority of our district clients don’t have enough communications staff to dedicate the number of hours required for a well-executed informational campaign for a school funding measure. That’s where partnership with our team comes in! For Longview’s replacement levy materials, the district requested that our team design the initial handout and infographics; they were able to take that initial piece and make edits, create the mailer, and build out other materials.


Client Feedback

Your work on our informational handout and social media videos has been outstanding and very appreciated. It takes great creativity and skill to present a complicated topic so well.

Rick Parrish

Executive Director of Communications & Operations
Longview Public Schools