Yakima School District 2024 Replacement Levy Materials

In the February 2020 special election, Yakima School District passed its EP&O levy with a 51.9% yes vote. Nearly four years and a pandemic later, district leadership was concerned that the previous approval percentage was too close for comfort, especially after seeing other districts around the state struggle to pass replacement levies. Yakima took a proactive approach to their 2024 levy outreach and reached out to our team to help with communications planning a full six months before the election. That, combined with consistent, strategic efforts to inform all members of the community right up until election day led to a 65.7% approval of the levy–an incredible 13.8 points higher than the 2020 levy approval.

Informational Dual-Language Mailer

Other Outreach Materials

  • Presentation for Community Meetings (English & Spanish)
  • Informational Handout (English & Spanish)
  • Posters (English & Spanish)
  • Website Text & Graphics
  • Movie Theater Ads
  • Billboards
  • Buttons