Our Work


Lacamas Lake Elementary Outdoor Signs

As part of our on-going work for Camas School District, we were asked to help with the design of outdoor signs to be installed at the district's newly built elementary school. The signs are currently installed near the front parking lot and around the large outdoor play area at a height suitable for both kids and adults.

When the rural property for the new school was sold to the district, one of the conditions of the district’s permit with the City of Camas was that the “applicant must incorporate public information in regard to the historical importance of the site, such as a plaque or other signage.”

District facilities planning staff wanted to share the efforts made to document and preserve, not just the historical, but the natural features of the site as well—seeing it as a great learning opportunity for students and community members. Camas staff came up with four sign topics and gathered photos and written descriptions for each of the signs. They then turned this information over to us to refine the text and design the signs using a blend of provided photos and stock photography.

Award Winner

The Washington School Public Relations Association presented this project with an Award of Excellence for Special Purpose Publication for districts with less than 10,000 students.