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Interview with Malena and her passion for writing

Interview with Malena about her passion for writing (and dogs)

December 6, 2023
We are so happy that Malena decided to come back to her home at the ESD and join our communications team. Even though many of us knew her from her previous position here, we wanted to sit down and get to know Malena better.
Interview with Malena and her passion for writing

Have you always wanted to work in communications?

For as long as I can remember, my goal has been to be a writer. When I was in middle school, my dad set up one of those old, clunky computers in my bedroom, and the only thing on it was Microsoft Word. But that’s all I needed – all of my free time was spent writing stories. My dad still asks me when he’s going to see my book in Barnes & Noble.

How has working for ESD 112 affected you creatively/personally/professionally?

ESD 112 has been at the core of both professional and personal developments in my life. When I first started at ESD 112, fresh out of college, I was still finding my way professionally. I knew what I enjoyed doing, but I didn’t have a career path. I started as a secretary in Student & School Success, assisting with teacher development programs. This is where I met one of my best friends and formed genuine relationships with so many other staff members and educators. The Communications team caught on to my background in writing, so they recruited my help with some smaller projects, which was the spark that helped start my career in the communications field. I ended up leaving the ESD for a few years for an internal communications position in the entertainment industry, but I fortunately found my way back and can continue my communications work at the organization where it all began!

Have you heard any good communications advice lately that you’re dying to share?

It’s not new, but I often have to remind myself that less is more. When I feel like my writing is starting to ramble, it’s too long!

What kind of communications project do you most enjoy executing?

Writing! (Shocking, I know.) My favorite thing to do is put my earbuds in and throw myself into whatever writing piece is in front of me. Articles, press releases, social media posts – it doesn’t matter, as long as it gives me the opportunity to shape words into a story that readers can connect with.

What are your favorite ways to unplug and decompress?

Exercise is my favorite way to forget about what’s going on in the world. I trained in krav maga for many years and it was a great way to detach myself from the stress of the day. Even though my workouts don’t consist of punching and kicking anymore, I still think it’s important to practice mindfulness during my workouts and not let my phone or even my own thoughts pull my focus.

Malena trained in krav maga
Malena with her two labs and boyfriend

Malena and her boyfriend with her yellow labs (Hazel & Sturgill).

Name something from pop-culture that you love or collect. What are you a superfan of?

I don’t geek out on a lot of things from pop-culture, but I am a superfan of the TV show Supernatural. I have two tattoos inspired by it and attend the Supernatural convention every year with my best friend. Who doesn’t love a good story about brothers who fight monsters together?

Let’s get personal…If you had to get a tattoo, what would it be and why?

I have six other tattoos, in addition to my two Supernatural tattoos. I also have plans for four more! I like to think of my tattoos as mini-stories about me. Each one represents a specific time in my life that make up who I am.

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Malena Goerl

Malena Goerl

I started my career with the ESD after college as a secretary in Student & School Success, but the Director of Public Relations at the time recognized that I had a passion for storytelling and asked me to help her team on some smaller writing projects. I eventually left to pursue a more communications-oriented career, but I missed my ESD family! I was happy to not only return to an organization whose mission I whole-heartedly support, but to be able to come back to do the work that I love. I have three pets that my boyfriend and I lovingly call "the herd": twin yellow labs (Hazel & Sturgill) and a cat named Dolly. My animals are a huge part of my life! Don't tell my boyfriend, but Hazel is my soulmate.