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Crash course in drones for video

Crash course in drones for video

September 13, 2022
Fred is a newer team member and was hired to help with both web and print design but also brings a brand new service to our list. Drone video! Here's what he had to say about flying drones.
Crash course in drones for video

How long have you been flying drones and why did you get started?

I started flying drones in 2015. I started for a couple of reasons. One is I’ve been flying and building model airplanes since I was a young boy, so it seemed like a natural progression. The second reason I started flying was to offer more services to my clients. I specialized in architectural photography, so it was like getting my own helicopter!

What are the requirements for operating a drone above a school? Do you need a license or permit?

We are limited to where we fly based on air-traffic. We must get special permission to fly near airports or any special structures like military facilities or prisons. We also must stay under 400ft. Professional drone pilots are required to have an FAA Part 107 UAS license.

What are some of the challenges you face when piloting a drone?

Safety is the number one concern. I don’t want to hurt anyone or anything! The drone I use is small and has guards around the propellors so it just bounces off anything it bumps into. Of course, weather is always a factor when we fly outside. Wind is not our friend!


  • Limited air space
  • Stay under 400 feet
  • Pilot license required

From setup to finish, about how much time does it take to capture the footage you’re looking for?

It usually takes me about an hour to set up and fly three battery packs. I can usually get what I need within three flights but if I need to fly more that’s not a problem.

What types of videos would drone footage be useful for?

Marketing your facilities

Show kids and parents how cool your classrooms are.


Showcase your next event from a unique perspective.


Show the improvements you made to your facilities.


Travel along with the kids on their next field trip and show how fun it is.


Show what improvements need to be made.

What is your favorite drone video that you’ve done so far and why?

Melissa and I recently volunteered with a local theater group, and we produced a promotional video with the drone. The flight was a good challenge for me, and it was enjoyable working with the kids and seeing their energy and excitement.

About the TEAM Member

Fred Gunnerson

Fred Gunnerson

I love shooting video, especially when I’m flying my drone. I’ve spent the most recent part of my design career freelancing as a web designer, videographer & photographer in the Columbia River Gorge. I recently moved to Washougal to be closer to family, and I’m excited to jump into the next chapter in my career working in education for ESD 112. I want to do more than make more money for rich people–I want to make a difference!